This function retrieves historic weather data collected by the official KNMI weather stations. See spatialrisk::knmi_stations for a list of the official KNMI weather stations.

knmi_historic_data(startyear, endyear)



start year for historic weather data.


end year for historic weather data.


The returned data frame contains the following columns:

  • station = ID of measurement station;

  • date = Date;

  • FH = Hourly mean wind speed (in 0.1 m/s)

  • FX = Maximum wind gust (in 0.1 m/s) during the hourly division;

  • T = Temperature (in 0.1 degrees Celsius) at 1.50 m at the time of observation;

  • DR = Precipitation duration (in 0.1 hour) during the hourly division;

  • RH = Hourly precipitation amount (in 0.1 mm) (-1 for <0.05 mm);

  • city = City where the measurement station is located;

  • lon = Longitude of station (crs = 4326);

  • lat = Latitude of station (crs = 4326).


Data frame containing weather data and meta data for weather station locations.


Martin Haringa


if (FALSE) { knmi_historic_data(2015, 2019) }